EV Charging points & ACCESSIBILITY


I’m proud to have worked with Osprey and Motability, to consult on ‘accessabilty’ to the public EV charge network in the UK.


Starting to make progress with this mission for Accessible EV Chargers,
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Spinal Injuries Associates magazine, Forward


Every public EV charge bay should be accessible!

Welcome to my website. Here I present to you,
my ‘Mission Statement’ and provide you with this basic
outline of my intentions and a brief Resume of my life.
I’m striving to work with relevant organisations and individuals
in some form of collaboration to improve the lives of disabled EV drivers
while at the same time contributing to organisations that service them,
positively, by sharing my knowledge, experiences and ideas.

My Channel

I took delivery of my first EV in December 2021, a Mini Cooper SE L3. About the same time I launched my YouTube channel, ‘Warner’s Wheeling About’, a video blog of my escapades in my wheelchairs and my cars, sharing my experiences of how I deal with life‘s challenges as a disabled person. My hope was i might inspire others with difficult obstacles to overcome, to optimistically make the best of their own lives and circumstances. My channel is still very much in its infancy, but it’s growing steadily, and it’s garnering interest from EV and mobility groups. There has been a great deal of interest in my personal struggles charging my EV via the Public Network, hence my motivation to go and research, analyse and comment on the dire lack of facilities for disabled EV drivers.

My Objective

To raise awareness of the challenges disabled people face switching to personal EV transportation.

My Goal

Improve the quality of life for disabled people where charging their personal EV is a requirement in daily life.

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Charge access CHARGE to ACCESS - I’m pleased to announce that https://www.currentpr.co.uk/ have taken up the cause to help get this Campaign going. We have formulated a plan and are in the process of raising funding to hire people on the ground to take this task. We are trying to shine a light on the inadequacy of the public EV charge network for disabled drivers. We know many companies and councils already understand the lack of access issues and are empathetic, but that’s still a tiny minority.

We have created this organisation to lobby government, and put pressure on local authorities and CPO’s who ignore their obligations under the equalities act 2010.

Current PR will launch a campaign to reach further afield than individuals can achieve on their own, Advertising, campaigns, events, seminars and much more. The more people that make a noise the more likely the message will be heard and create pressure to make those bad actors adhere to the regulations

blue moon september winner certificate

Very proud my interview with Oxford City Council won a short film award Blue Moon International Film Festival 2022.

My Tasks

To actively research the EV charging network thoroughly, from the point of view of disabled people. To analyse, record and report what I find. To build a platform and a body, create and project messaging to all involved parties. Form relationships and synergies with key players and deliver valuable information and guidance to all involved. Activate cross-fertilisation and positive contributions in developing an accessible EV charge infrastructure.


To interact where possible with:-

  • EV driving communities and their representative organisations.
  • Disabled drivers, individuals, groups and clubs.
  • Disabled charities and organisations.
  • Energy companies and related corporations that are developing the energy, equipment and technology.
  • EV manufacturers and associated businesses.
  • Parliament, UK Government, local authorities and third party strategic businesses and landowners involved in legislation, permission, planning and decision making.
  • news media, public relations organisations and marketing companies.


Mover and shaker, innovator, creator, leader;-

  • British 65 years old, retired.
  • Living with my wife in Lincolnshire.
  • Disabled since an accident in 1973, a wheelchair user.
  • Career spanning 47 years, across multiple business sectors including; advertising, marketing, exhibitions, publishing, online technology development, real estate development, retailing and the travel industry.
  • Experience in entrepreneurship, business owner, Director/Manager in PLC and SME business environments, both in the UK and Asia.
UK Ambassador for Thailand's Friendly Design Campaign Wheelchair Access UK Ambassador for Thailand's Friendly Design Campaign Wheelchair Access